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Barrel Aged Monkey Business & Triple Morish Dream - Imperial Pastry Stout - 4-Pack

ABV: Various - Please See Below

Can Size: 440 mL

Style: Mix Pack

Monkey Business

Aged in Buffalo Trace barrels, the imperial stout base beer provides a complex array of vanilla, toasted coconut, oak and bourbon.  Upon this, additions of toffee and coconut elevate these flavors and make the beer a dessert unto itself.  Silky smooth and defying its own strength, with huge aromas of coconut and toffee this barrel aged stout drinks remarkably easy.

Triple Moreish Dream

A decadently smooth imperial pastry stout.  Notes of chocolate and cold-brewed coffee provide a lasting and smooth finish without being cloyingly sweet.  Heaps of Madagascan vanilla beans added post fermentation elevate the beer, with the vanilla imparting a strong impression of marshmallow.

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Pack Content

2 x BA Monkey Business (Vocation Collab) 12% Imperial Pastry Stout
2 x Triple Morish Dream 12.5% Imperial Pastry Stout